Build-in NPL CommandLine

Native Params

The following command line is built-in to NPL executable.

  • bootstrapper="myapp/main.lua": set bootstrapper file
  • [-d|D] [filename]: -d to run in background (daemon mode), -D to force run in fore ground.
  • dev="C:/MyDev/": set dev directory, if empty or “/”, it means the current working directory.
  • servermode="true": disable 3D rendering and force running in server mode.
  • logfile="log2016.5.20.txt": change default log.txt location
  • single="true": force only one instance of the executable can be running in the OS.
  • loadpackage="folder1,folder1,...": commar separated list of packages to load before bootstrapping. Such as loadpackage="npl_packages/paracraft/"

NPL System Module Params

The following params are handled by the NPL system module

  • debug="main" : enable IPC debugging to the main NPL thread. No performance penalties.
  • resolution="1020 680": force window size in case of client application

Paracraft Module Params

The following params are handled by the Paracraft Package

  • world="worlds/DesignHouse/myworld" : Load a given world at start up.
  • mc="true": force paracraft (in case of running from MagicHaqi directory)