NPL Source Code Overview

This is a brief overview of NPL source code. The best way to learn NPL is to read its source code.

All NPL related source code is distributed as packages.

Two important packages for NPL and paracraft developement is at:

cd npl_packages
git clone
git clone

When you program, you can search by text in all NPL source code.

Source code overview

Core Library Files

Object Oriented

Web Server Source Code

Paracraft Source Code

Lots of code here. If you are developing Paracraft plugins or 3d client applications in NPL. It is important to read source here.

  • script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game: main source code of Paracraft
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Areas]( /Creator/Game/Areas): desktop GUI
  • script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Entity: All movable entity types
  • script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/blocks: All block types
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Commands]( /Creator/Game/Commands): In-Game Commands
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Tasks]( /Creator/Game/Tasks): Commands with GUI
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/GUI]( /Creator/Game/GUI): editor GUIs
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Network]( /Creator/Game/Network): Paracraft server implementation
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Shaders]( /Creator/Game/Shaders): GPU shaders
  • [script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/Mod]( /Creator/Game/Mod): Plugin interface
  • script/apps/Aries/Creator/Game/SceneContext: User input like keyboard and mouse